Teclado 16 teclas membrana Ampliar

Teclado 16 teclas membrana

Teclado matricial de 16 teclas. Configuracion en membrana.

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S/. 7.00

Contact resistance of 500 (Ω) 
Insulation resistance 100M (Ω) 
Key Operating Force 150-200N 
Rebound time 1 (ms) 
Life of 100 million (times) 
Operating Temperature 60 (℃)

1, the electronic characteristics 
Circuit Rating: 35V (DC), 100mA, 1W 
Contact resistance: 10Ω ~ 500Ω 
(Varies according to the lead lengths and different from those of the material used) 
Insulation resistance: 100MΩ 100V 
Dielectric Strength: 250VRms (50 ~ 60Hz 1min) 
Electric shock jitter: <5ms 
Life span: tactile type: ≥ one million times